Hayat Abu Samra ’15: My Summer at Giorgio Armani


Hayat Abu Samra ’15, Amman, Jordan

So. It’s the glamorous fashion world that I’ve been immersed in this summer. I started working at Giorgio Armani Corporate early this June. More specifically, I am interning in the Wholesale department of Giorgio’s Armani Colleczioni division for Menswear.

I’ve been thrown into a massive showroom that exhibits the brand’s collection directly from Milan. For me that means: Suits, ties, blazers, dress pants, sportswear, shoes…and models. It’s pretty cool because I get to see a collection a year before it is launched in stores and my job is to help facilitate all the logistics that go into planning how the clothes go from Milan, to the showroom in NYC, to all the department stores and specialty stores that carry Armani Colleczioni clothing.

 That is basically wholesale: It is the selling of the collection to the many buyers across the country. I, specifically, get to assist my boss in handling major accounts such as Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Barney’s, Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf’s, in addition to all of the specialty stores (AKA boutiques).

All of this happens during Market week. It really isn’t a week. It’s a month of hell. It’s glamorous and incredible to watch, but crazy. Right then, the showroom turns into a mini fashion show. My job is to make sure that looks are pulled the way Milan wants them, that the models are perfectly dressed, assist in walking the buyers through the collection and explain the Giorgio story behind his Spring/Summer collection of 2014. What’s really great about this is that I get to meet very interesting and accomplished people every day.

Now, of course, it is a fashion internship and I have been on crazy errands. I’ve had to deliver a leather jacket all the way uptown for a photo shoot for Saks in the shortest amount of time possible. In the rain. I’ve had to pull clothing items for a Vogue photo shoot in under 45 minutes. My favorite part, however, was visiting our store in Bloomingdales and recreating all the looks and rearranging the clothing racks on display as if it were a showroom. Seeing my work like that was really satisfying. Of course, I do a lot of tedious work every day but it’s all been worth it. I’ve made great friends and I absolutely love working in menswear.


Hayat Abu Samra ’15


One thought on “Hayat Abu Samra ’15: My Summer at Giorgio Armani

  1. Thanks for sharing your summer with us ~ what an experience in the high end fasion world! TLAM

    ~ Lisa Olney, Delta Epsilon/ASU ’90
    Trustee, Theta Foundation

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