Tally Erickson ’15: Hello from Minnesota!


Tally Erickson ’15, Bloomington, Minnesota

Hello from Minnesota!

I’ve loved every minute of summer, but it has flown by FAR too quickly.  I didn’t really have any plans going into the summer.  I had applied for internship after internship without any luck.  Feeling defeated, I decided I had to put a new spin on things – I thought that this summer would be to rejuvenate, relax, and not do anything too serious.  I mean the summer after sophomore year is the last summer before you have to “get serious,” right?  I thought I would just go to the beach, sleep a lot, volunteer, read for pleasure, go to my cabin, spend time downtown, and see my friends.  While I did get a fair amount of R&R, 2 weeks into summer I was still applying to internships & I FINALLY got one! Yay!


Summer in Minnesota

So this summer I’ve worked for a company called LinkUp, and let me tell you, it has been AWESOME!  Our company is a small start-up and our goal is to provide high-integrity job search results.  We don’t make money off job seekers, but we do provide job seekers with quality search results that come directly from company websites.  Also, they’re ALWAYS up-to-date!  Seriously, if you’re looking for a job – try it out on our website! (www.linkup.com

As a marketing intern at LinkUp, my specific duties have included doing some research for educating job seekers in their job search processes, writing a whitepaper, developing content for an infographic, establishing and conducting a webinar, creating and conducting a survey, entering data, researching social media strategies, and updating all of our social media platforms.

The company culture is great!  We’ve had plenty of dress-up days including: Twins gear day, workout day, patriotic day, and more.  Yesterday we had a company fiesta complete with chips, salsa, guacamole, churros and a piñata! We redid our office to make it open & collaborative this summer and it’s so nice.  We have stand-up desks that are adjustable, which are great for posture and health purposes.  We also put in some nice couches and a flat screen TV.  How cool is that?!

FUN FACT: I work with another great intern, Lucia, who is also a Theta!  She goes to Northwestern University and is currently the COO of their chapter.  It’s been really fun hearing about her Theta experience since she’s in a bigger school with a more developed chapter.


Twins vs. Yankees

So other than my internship, what have I been up to this summer?  I went to my cabin a week after I got home, which is in a tiny town in northern Wisconsin called Herbster (if you’ve ever heard of Bayfield, it’s near there).  Our cabin is just down the street for Lake Superior and it is beautiful up there – so nice to get away from everything.  The only thing that sucked is that it was like 40 degrees and it was the first week of June!  Don’t let this confirm your stereotype of Minnesota, I swear it’s not normal for it to be that cold here during the summer, but the winter was a long one this year with snow still on the ground in May.  It really does get SUPER hot in the summer (and disgustingly humid).  My sister, Tess, who has been a teacher for Teach for America the past 2 years in NYC came home for several weeks, so it was fun to spend some quality time with her.  My boyfriend, Grant, visited the Twin Cities for his second time and I showed him around.  We went to a Twins vs. Yankees game to play out our rivalry.  The twins lost that game badly and ended up getting swept in the series sadly. For July 4th, I went up to my cabin again, but this time we went with my extended family – it was great to see my cousins and enjoy some beautiful weather.  

I’m leaving to study abroad in Amsterdam in 11 days!  I’m so excited for this new adventure in life, and while it means I won’t be at Swarthmore, or playing soccer this fall, I cannot wait!  I will first fly to Reykjavik, Iceland and hang out there for a few days.  I plan to go check out the geothermal spa (The Blue Lagoon) while I’m there – Google it to see how beautiful it is!  Then I’ll fly onward to Amsterdam to try to drop some luggage off at University of Amsterdam dorm! Then I’ll fly to Spain for some in Barcelona, Madrid & Ibiza.  Then it’s back to Amsterdam for a 2 week orientation period, which should be really fun!  I’m keeping my own blog for while in abroad, so you can check that out here: www.tallyabroad.wordpress.com

Anyway, I’m off to work away and enjoy my last several days of summer!  Hope everyone has had great summers and I’ll see you all in 2014 at Swarthmore!


Tally Erickson


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