Finally Thetas: Dana Benton ’16 and Erin Jenson ’17


Love at First Kite, Bid Day Fall 2013

Before attending the recruitment meetings for Alpha Beta, I had heard great things on campus about the goals of the chapter and the high standards it holds for women.  The meetings were delightfully welcoming while informatively emphasizing the goals of the organization, which are academics, character, and community work. I felt excited to pledge because the speakers gave such a warm vibe of sisterhood. The poise, class, and confidence of the executives overwhelmingly impressed me and, as a young woman new to college life, I feel that these ambitious women are fantastic role models.

         Our journey began with two memorable recruitment events. At Sisterhood and S’mores, the ladies were warm, welcoming, and encouraged us to tell them about ourselves. The second was more formal and gave us a chance to meet all the sisters. The upcoming Saturday was bid day! We accepted our bids in a small, cozy room and spent some time happily conversing with some familiar faces. We were finally new members.


Big/Little Reveal!

         For the next few weeks, we attended New Member meetings every Sunday night with Julia Nee, where she taught us the values of the fraternity, its history, and the true meaning of sisterhood. Julia’s poise, fashion sense, and soothing nature are the images coming to mind for us. New membership is a time of humility and a time to reflect on the privilege of sisterhood. Along with all the seriousness though, the sisters held events all of “Inspiration Week” before Initiation to help bring us closer together. We became closer to our sisters through bonding activities like Faith, Hope, Love night and our Big/Little Reveals where we popped balloons to reveal the names of our bigs. Then, our bigs gave us adorable, cozy Theta blankets! There were some activities that we couldn’t partake in until we would become members. This added a little bit of excitement and a little bit of nerves. What were the secrets? What didn’t we know? What are they keeping from us?


Initiation Fall 2013

On November 1st, all new members met at Bond Hall and ceremoniously relinquished their pins, one by one, to Ashley Gochoco, our CEO. This was the first step to becoming an official member. We took an oath to the fraternity and pledged our loyalty. We all were excited for the much-anticipated Initiation ceremony the next day. We were told nothing except that this event would be one of the most memorable events in our lives and we can attest that it certainly was special. A very intimate atmosphere made us feel so close to our sisters who guided us through each step carefully. As we stepped out of Bond Hall, we embraced our new, official Theta badges with care, respect, and honor. We were finally Thetas and we couldn’t be happier with our new family!




Dana Benton & Erin Jenson



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