Gabriela Campoverde ’15- Fitness Start-Up Summer Internship

For the summer, I am working at ((305)) Fitness, a fitness start-up company in NYC, as the Search Engine Optimization and Market Strategy Analyst. I did not realize how lucky I was to find an internship that I love until this past week. Someone asked about my summer, and I explained what I was doing. When they asked about the fitness company I work for, I said I loved the classes they offered and was happy to work for a company which I believe in.

((305)) Fitness has been recognized for bringing a Miami club atmosphere to a cardio dance, high intensity training workout. Every class has a DJ, lights, and an awesome instructor that will make sure you sweat while dancing, sprinting and toning. Last year I got obsessed with ((305)) classes after my friend brought me to one. It’s one of the few exercises that will have you singing and leave you with a puddle of sweat after you’re done with your session.

Although most of my work has involved working on the company’s website and Google Analytics, a lot of my time is also spent calculating Key Performance Indicators, speaking to clients, etc. On a daily basis, I track how people are interacting with the website and develop ad campaigns when they are needed. I have also been able to build the company’s blog. I love working at a start-up company because I am exposed to so much and have been able to hone my skills with SEO.

I have had so much freedom to work on various projects. Since our company has just launched a new location in Washington D.C., I have been working closely with reports to look at our consumers’ behavior. I was thrilled to begin this task because its something I always thought was interesting but had no previous experience working with. It’s very tedious, but in the end I find it incredibly fascinating to be able to strategize after doing research on our sales, clients and performance.

What I love the most about my work is the opportunity to work with such a great team. The founder, Sadie, is an amazing person whom I look up to and have become close with. She is so hard-working and fierce. (She’s only 24 and has a business that Cosmo, The New Yorker and all of NYC is raving about!) She loves what she does, does what she loves. I met her last year since I often took classes instructed by her. The small team we have in the office is always great fun and appreciates the work that I do for the company.


Three years ago, I don’t think I would have ever thought I would be doing this. Since I was 16, I have interned in corporate law firms, fashion showrooms, event management agencies and non-profit organizations. I always thought about going into fashion business, but I became exposed to different fields after my summers abroad and time at Swarthmore. I have always known that I am interested in trends and behavior, but I am still figuring out where it will lead me. My job on-campus as an Information and Technology Associate really contributed to me finding my passion. I enjoy discovering how technology makes it easy for people to solve problems or look at data. SEO and Market Strategy seemed like the perfect thing to try out.

During my Spring abroad in London, I was able to take marketing and accounting classes at University College London which got me even more interested in consumer behavior. I also met one of my mentors who introduced me to the start-up scene in London and encouraged me to take online courses to learn more about Google Analytics and SEO. Every couple days, I would go to a new cafe and watch a few videos and take tests online. I taught myself most of what I know, and it gave me the opportunity to apply for the position I have now.


NYC has also been amazing this summer. I am currently living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with two roommates. I love the neighborhood I live in. There are a ton of unique and quirky boutiques, coffee shops and restaurants. I am a New York native, but after being abroad and being at Swarthmore, I have recently spent very little time here. It’s great to be back. I also went to Ecuador during the July 4th weekend for my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary and wedding vow renewal. Much of my free time has been spent catching up with old friends and family, walking around the city, and of course, taking a few ((305)) classes.






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